A Path with Heart

A Path with Heart: Yoga and Meditation for the Path of Life

Saturday November 12th
Downtown Studio, Yoga World

Sunday November 13th
Downtown Studio, Yoga World

$40 Saturday only, $70 for both Saturday and Sunday

After 11/10:
$45 for Saturday, $45 for Sunday

Saturday only registration is allowed, but attendance at both sessions is strongly advised.
In order to attend on Sunday, you must also attend Saturday's teaching session.

The practice of yoga is a path of healing and awakening. The practice nourishes the body, heart, and mind in simple and profound ways that are evident early on, sometimes even after our very first time of doing yoga.

In this weekend workshop, we will go beyond the basic experience of body-mind benefit that yoga brings, and look very specifically at the ways in which the practice, at its most essential level, is about opening the heart. In opening the heart, we naturally become more available to life and its blessings. We are more open and compassionate with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us -- not because we try to be so, but because our practice path is actually clearing the way for our intrinsic and innermost heart to shine through.

Through meditation, yin yoga, active practice, and personal inquiry work, we will explore the heart as the natural source of our capacities for warmth, openness, and compassion.

This workshop is open to all levels of students. No prior experience is necessary -- though some interest in meditation and inner work is advised.

Please contact Yoga World directly to sign up, or be in touch with me with any questions about the weekend.

250 West Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 804-5525
Sign Up: yogaworldstudio@yahoo.com. Questions: sasha.papovich@gmail.com


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