Upcoming Yin and Buddhism Teachings

Hello dear Students,

I hope your summers are going well, and that there is time for inner life amidst the fun activities of the season!

I am very excited to be headed down to So Cal next weekend to teach at the Cloud Nine Yoga Collective. This is such a great group of people-- come join us!!

Saturday August 6th: Going Deeper with Yin Yoga

3:00PM-7:00PM $60

This afternoon will be for yoga students who wish to deepen their understanding of the Yin practice. We will discuss and explore the outer (physical), inner (energetic), and innermost aspects of Yin (psycho-spiritual). The afternoon will include Yin practice as well as discussion and teaching. You will leave this afternoon's session able to guide yourself through the profound, nourishing benefits of the Yin practice.

Monday August 8th: Yoga and Buddhism

6:00-9:00PM $45

This evening is for students interested in Buddhism and Meditation. There will be a discussion of the roots of Buddhism, an overview of Buddhism and its relationship to Yoga, and some experiential work that will deepen your understanding of the path of the meditative tradition. Though this might sound like a dry topic, it is actually interesting, inspiring and even fun! This is an all-time favorite evening for teachers and students alike.

Both events will be held at:
Cloud Nine Yoga Collective
18351 Beach Blvd,
Huntington Beach, CA 92831


To register please email Erika Faith Hattigh at

Sending Love,


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