Sunday Morning Yoga and Meditation in Marin

Join me in 2012 on Sunday Mornings for Yoga and Meditation at a beautiful, private Zendo in Marin. The series is inspired by the teachings of The Insight Yoga Institute, which brings together the strands of yoga, meditation, and psycho-spiritual inquiry. The five teachers in the teaching collective have deep background in two or more of these three strands, and each offer their unique approach to mindfulness-based yoga. The series takes place at a Zendo inside a beautiful, private residence in Corte Madera. Classes take place every Sunday morning from 9-11. You can find more information about the classes and the teachers at I will be teaching my first class of the series in two weeks, on Sunday February 5th. The class will include a long Yin yoga session, a shorter active yoga session, and a meditation period. I will also be giving a small talk at the start of class in order to introduce the class theme. The class theme on 2/5 will be an exploration of the relationship between our Innate Nature and our Conditioned Nature. I'll explain the role of yoga and meditation in working effectively with our conditioning in order to reveal the grace of our innate goodness. The class is open to students of all levels, but is most appropriate for students who are open to exploring the more contemplative aspects of yoga, and yoga as a form of spiritual practice. Please go to to register or email me with questions. Hope to see you soon!