Hello Dear Students,

I will be back in Long Beach over the weekend of April 23-25th. This time I'll be teaching a special follow-up class for my more experienced students on Friday night, as well as an all level weekend workshop of Yin Yoga and Meditation. The weekend will have a special emphasis on meditation.

Friday 6:30-8:30 Downtown Studio
Psycho-Spiritual Follow Up Class
No drop in, pre-register by Friday April 16th

This class is for students who have worked with me privately, who took the Turning Straw Into Gold workshop from October 2009 ( not the others), or for students who attended the Psycho-Spiritual Class Series last spring.

We'll review the map of the path of embodied awakening, and there will be time to check in with questions and issues. We'll include Yin practice and meditation practice, but our main emphasis will be on reviewing the teachings presented in last fall's workshop.

Saturday and Sunday 1:15-4:15 Downtown Studio
Going Deeper: A Weekend of Yoga and Meditation
Registration information below

This weekend workshop will focus on meditation and yin yoga, and the specific ways that these practices can support our embodied awakening. The weekend is for continuing students and those new students who are interested in meditation and the inner aspects of the yogic path.

On Saturday afternoon we will practice yin yoga and meditation, with an emphasis on the concentration method of meditation called Shamatha. Students will learn the how and the why of this ancient and powerful tool for quieting the mind and cultivating inner peacefulness, or "calm abiding".

On Sunday afternoon, we will focus on the mindfulness method of meditation calledVipassana. Students will learn the how and the why of this ancient and powerful tool that engenders insight, or "clear seeing".

Both practices are necessary tools on the yogic path of awakening-- without meditation, yoga is reduced to a physical practice, and without each of these methods, the fruition of meditation is incomplete. We will pay special attention to exploring the application of these methods to the challenges of every-day life.

Both days will include talks, discussion, yoga, and meditation. Students are strongly encouraged to take both sessions if possible, since only one method will be taught each day and both are so important, however signing up for one day or the other is permitted.

Registration Information:
Studio Coordinator: Michelle @ 562.260.9402
If registered by April 19th:
$80 for both days
$45 for each day

If after April 19th:
$90 for both days
$50 per day

Friday night only, pre-registration only, no drop-in available

Whole weekend, no drop in, pre-registration required


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