I am very excited for our upcoming retreat in Santa Barbara in April! Our fall retreat was a deeply nourishing and beautiful time for all, and I'm so excited to have such a wonderful group already signed up for April.

The theme of the retreat is Return to the Heart, and our focus is on learning how to cultivate a rich and vibrant connection to our hearts.

In our time together this April weekend, we will specifically focus on the qualities of our deeper presence that make up the heart center. Through meditation, yin yoga, active practice, personal inquiry work, and (optional) heart centered massage, we will explore the heart as the natural source of our capacities for warmth, openness, and compassion.

Our work will have two equally important strands: (1) learning to recognize and invoke and cultivate those naturally-occurring qualities of the heart, and (2) learning to recognize and work with that which blocks our access to the heart and its intrinsic nature. Instead of trying to be warm, open, and compassionate, the uncontrived and un-fabricated fruition of our practices will be a return to your deeper presence, including the heart, where you will experience the naturally occurring warmth, open-ness, compassion, and wisdom that this connection to presence offers.

We all tend to fixate on our outer circumstances-- relationships, work, money-- as the cause of our suffering. We disconnect from our deeper presence, including our hearts, and we get busy trying to do the things that we think will fix the external situations. However, most of our suffering is actually a result of this disconnection from ourselves, so it is not the challenges of our everyday lives that we need to fix, it is our connection to our deeper presence that needs to be re-established. Retreat is a special opportunity to take a break from the many things in our lives that distract us and lead to our disconnection. In addition to practice time focused on re-establishing a connection to your deeper presence, you’ll have time for massage, time to rest, read, or hike, and time spent together in a beautiful and nourishing community space.

There are actually only a few spots left, and I'd like to encourage those of who have been contemplating it to make the leap and commit to joining us.We will have a lovely and deep few days together, and this will also be my only trip to southern California until June.

Our retreat begins on Friday afternoon the 8th of April (arrival time between 3-5PM, dinner at 6:00PM, evening session at 7:30PM) and ends after lunch on Sunday April the 10th (check out time between 2:00-4:00PM).

If you need more detailed information about our wonderful location-- Laurel Springs Retreat center (http://www.laurelspringsretreat.net)-- lodging choices, yummy food, or schedule, please feel free to email me with questions.

Rooming options with prices are as follows.

$500 is a shared room with a bathroom down the hall
$550 is shared room with a bathroom in the room
$700 is a single room with its own bathroom



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